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PK was well known for producing match programmes for Wycombe Wanderers for the first 26 years of its existence. We still continue to produce programmes for many organisations - sporting, theatrical and other events. Some of our customers prefer to supply full artwork, some just front cover design, whilst others leave it to us. Full colour or mono, large or small quantities - not a problem!

Newsletters are a growing market. Many societies and local village groups have found that a newsletter landing on the door mat gets read far more than one on a web site. Quick turnaround is required to ensure the news is current. Many of our customers have been surprised at the good comments and interest from local people and, subsequent increase in advertisers, due to the improved quality having moved production from a photocopier to a printing press.


Leaflet Front
Leaflet Front Cover 2015
Front Cover
Rehersal Montage
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